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2013-07-01 10:43 pm

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Marche's personality is somewhat subdued, but he is not exactly timid. There is an underlying sense of firmness to him and his convictions that's startling to see from such a young boy: this is a trait that is nudged, cajoled, and all but dragged out of him by the plot of the game, but the roots were there from the start. This may not seem all that noteworthy, except when you consider that he's very much a modern-day child (or, well, a pre-2000's child), not some born hero with rough and humble beginnings paving a gradual climb to a grand destiny. Marche is just a regular boy with a sick little brother and a single mother, who just had to move cross country who knows how far from everything else he'd ever known.

("It's much warmer where you're from, isn't it?"
"Yes, sir. It never snowed.")